Darlene Velez
Darlene A. Velez is not your average salon/spa owner. The Cara Bella Brows story begins in 1980s New York City when artists like Madonna, Prince and Boy George were setting the world on fire with their music, funky fashion statements and killer glam make-up styles. In a city teeming with life made vibrant by a multi-cultural mix of people, Darlene saw that beauty was unique and individual to each person.

Even back then Darlene understood that all the beautiful and confident women whom she admired spoke to the world with their eyes. A beautiful gaze is framed by beautiful eyebrows.

Several years ago, Darlene found that she was spending too much time shaping and shading in her brows every morning. As a busy business owner, she simply didn’t have the time. After doing some research she learned about the new technique of Microblading and booked a session with a local microblading artist in Orlando, FL. Unfortunately, Darlene was dissatisfied with the results, but she understood that Microblading, done right, offered a solution to a problem many women faced.

This is when Darlene’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. While still running her company, Darlene attended night school and became a licensed esthetician. She went on to gain certification in the art of microblading and permanent makeup, receiving her training from world renown Master Kler Rosenberg of Beauty Angels Academy International.

In 2016, Darlene opened Cara Bella Brows. The Cara Bella Brows studio concept was designed to reflect an aesthetic dedicated to making everyone feel comfortable, cared for and unique.

Darlene has recently been certified as a Beauty Angels Academy Master Trainer and is excited to share her knowledge and experience with anyone wishing to learn the art of Microblading.

Cara Bella means “beautiful face” in Spanish and our eyes speak words our mouths often don’t. Darlene and Cara Bella Brows help you refine your voice and say beautiful things…