Darlene Velez

Darlene A. Velez is not your average salon/spa owner. The story of Cara Bella Brows begins in 1980s New York City when people like Madonna, Prince and Boy George were just starting to set the world on fire with their cutting-edge music, funky fashion statements and killer glam make-up styles. As a teenager Darlene was exposed to beauty, fashion, art and culture in all forms, from the tight designer jeans and dark eyeliner worn by her friends to the haute couture hand bags swinging off the arms of women strolling down Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue in their Gucci pumps. In a city teeming with life made vibrant by a multi-cultural mix of people, Darlene understood that beauty came from within, rich or poor, everyone had their own unique story to tell and the world was eager to listen.

Darlene became the go-to-girl when her friends wanted a new hairstyle or needed the perfect outfit and make-up for a night out in the city or a special event. Using the person’s unique features and personality she helped them achieve the perfect look, sometimes trendy, sometimes classic, but always alluring!

Darlene continued her passion for all things beautiful. She studied the faces of supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Iman and analyzed classic icons like Elizabeth Taylor and Rita Moreno. What she found was that all the beautiful and confident women whom she admired spoke to the world with their eyes. A beautiful gaze is framed by beautiful eyebrows.
After college and a successful corporate career, Darlene founded a highly successful company that provides logistics solutions to businesses all over the United States. Believing that a healthy lifestyle included fun and exercise, Darlene became a certified Zumba instructor and opened up her own dance exercise studio which she named Dance Diva Fitness. After two great years of teaching she decided it was time to move on to the next challenge.

Throughout this time Darlene stayed in tune with the world of beauty and fashion. Always eager to experiment and embrace new ideas and trends, Darlene discovered a new technique for the enhancement of eyebrows that used semi-permanent inks and a process similar to tattooing called Microblading. Darlene fell in love with the possibilities and she knew that she found a way to express her passion.

While still running her company, Darlene attended night school and became a licensed esthetician. She then went on to gain certification in the art of Microblading, receiving her training from world-class masters whose skills and achievements are praised and sought after in Europe and here in the United States.

Darlene’s love and enthusiasm for the artistry of the female face compelled her to share her passion and Cara Bella Brows was born. The Cara Bella Brows studio concept was designed to reflect an aesthetic dedicated to make everyone feel comfortable, cared for and unique.

Cara Bella means “beautiful face” in Spanish and our eyes speak words our mouths often don’t. Darlene and Cara Bella Brows help you refine your voice and say beautiful things…