Eyelashes can help enhance your appearance and draw attention to your eyes. You can apply mascara to make them look more prominent, use false eyelashes, or add eyelash extensions. At Cara Bella, we offer expert lash extensions near Lakeland. Our experienced artists will carefully attach every extension to your existing lashes using skin-safe glue. These extensions look great and can last for several weeks. You can choose a style based on your preferences. If you like a natural look, our artists will apply fewer extensions and choose the right length. We recommend bringing in some reference pictures when you come in for a consultation.

The treatment is relatively quick and painless. Our clients rarely experience any sort of discomfort and can return to their work or daily activities quickly after the appointment. The lash extensions fall off naturally after a few weeks. They don’t cause any harm to your natural eyelashes, especially if you choose an experienced professional for eyelash extensions near Lakeland.

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