Eyelashes frame the eyes and make them appear more defined and expressive. Many people enhance their eyelashes using mascara or false eyelashes but some wish for a more long-lasting solution. At Cara Bella Brows, we recommend lash extensions near Orlando. Extensions are a great alternative to temporary makeup. They add volume to your lashes and can last for several weeks before falling off harmlessly.

The eyelash extension treatment is fairly straightforward. Our experts clean your eyelids and use skin-safe glue to attach individual eyelash strands to the skin. The treatment won’t harm your existing lashes in any way.  It will add more volume where you might need it, as well as add length and a dramatic look across all your lashes!. You can choose how intense you want your eyelash extensions to be. Our experts offer the best eyelash extensions near Orlando. We use proven techniques and high-quality materials to deliver the best results. There’s no need to deal with the hassle of false eyelashes every day.

Eyelash Extensions Orlando