Microblading is an effective solution for people with light or sparse brows. At Cara Bella, we have a team of trained beauty artists who know how to create well-defined, natural-looking brows. We use the best tools and pigments to deliver the best results. Our artists will first ask questions about your style preferences and look at the reference materials you bring during the appointment. They will then trace a guideline on your skin and consult with you again to ensure the shape and size of the eyebrows is correct before starting the Tampa microblading process.

We apply a numbing cream on your eyebrows before using a microblading tool to insert pigment into your skin. We create thin, hair-like strokes that make your eyebrows look fuller while still appearing natural. If you’re looking for top-notch microblading near Tampa, FL, Cara Bella is the right choice. Our trained and certified artists will ensure you’re happy with the results.

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