If you like the appearance of bold and dense brows, we recommend powder brows near Tampa. Powder brows are a great alternative to microblading and they are suitable for people who can’t get microblading done. Microblading creates hair-like strokes that give the appearance of natural brows. Powder brows are bolder and look like you’ve filled your brows in with pomade or brow powder. Instead of creating hair-like strokes, we add tiny dots of pigment to your skin.

Powder brows are just as long-lasting as microbladed brows. They can last for significantly more than a year based on your skin texture and lifestyle. You can book a touch-up appointment with us at Cara Bella to make the eyebrows last for a few more months. If you want a more natural powder brow look, get Ombre brows near Tampa. Our artist will make sure the brow color is lighter at the front and gets darker towards the tip.

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